DRAM/Flash upgrade

bmaurobmauro Posts: 307Member
I'm finally deciding to upgrade the memory and flash in all my 2600s - and I was just wondering if everyone has a good site for cheap memory - or is ebay my best bet?

I found what I "think" is a good deal - but this is a first time buying this stuff - so who knows??

$37 (shipping included) for 64/16


Keep looking? Not bad?

Thanks in advance.


  • Darthn3ssDarthn3ss Posts: 1,096Member
    thats what i bought my 64/16 upgrade for my 2620 for.. infact.. thats the same seller :-p

    i'll also be maxing out my 3620 with them.
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  • bmaurobmauro Posts: 307Member
    Thanks guys - looks like I'll be putting the order in today.

    Darthn3ss - so I'm guessing you have no complaints with the seller since you're ordering for them again?

    Thanks again.
  • Darthn3ssDarthn3ss Posts: 1,096Member
    nope, none at all.

    and extremely fast shipping (okay, maybe thats because i'm in charleston, SC and he's a few miles[2 hours] up the road in sumter,sc) :)

    the best thing is that hes so close if something does go wrong i can talkt o them face to face icon_lol.gif

    also when you upgrade the memory, 2 things:

    make sure you push the memory in all the way, otherwise you're going to think that you broke something like i did.

    don't worry if the things that "hold" the memory in break. i didn't. icon_lol.gif
    Fantastic. The project manager is inspired.

    In Progress: 70-640, 70-685
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