Anyone here from Canada? How is IT there?

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I was just curious how the IT business was in Canada at the moment. Would it be particularly hard to get into Canada since I am not a citizen?


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    In currently in Canada I and have to say it is hard to quickly find an good IT position.
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    i spent the weekend in toronto. it's an amazing city! I would love to live there, yes i was wondering about this also
    i herd u leik mudkips lol
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    I am located in Canada. My last company did hire a couple high end people from outside of the country. One from the UK and another that I can think of was from Australia.

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    Would it be particularly hard to get into Canada since I am not a citizen?

    I have been looking at working in Canada. From what I can gather you have 2 options:

    1. Temoray wrok visa - Have to have a job first and the comany sponsors you.

    2. Skilled workers program - If you meet the criteria you can get a permenant work visa. You dont have to have a job first but it helps towards the scoring if you do.

    All info here.

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    Really it depends on where you want to move to. In the west (Alberta, BC) there are tons of jobs in IT. Same with out East. Central Canada leaves much to be desired. I'm from Manitoba (Central) and while there is work, it is nothing like out West.
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    I am waiting to get into Canada as we speak. Filled in all the paper work which lasted months and finally been excepted and given a number, just have to wait for the final interview and then i am on my way to Alberta!!
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    You have to hunt for work. I've had placements in Toronto and Ottawa working for telecommunications companies but I find that there are more rewarding opportunities in the U.S. Besides, do you like lower paying jobs and high taxes? But, in defence of my country, we do have health care and a lower cost of living so I guess it's all about tradeoffs.

    And if the training visa process for getting into Canada is anything like the process to get your J-1 in the U.S then I don't forsee you having a problem. :)
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    I would love to be able to work in the US but it`s a BIG no no as far as emmigrating there!! Thats why i have opted for Canada.
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    Canada and health
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