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I took and passed the 70-290 exam with a 750 last week. I just wanted to give everyone some tips for the exam to help you study. A quick background so that you can guage how much study time you need. I am a consultant with an MCSE on NT4 and have worked in IT for 13 years. I studied for about two weeks and used the exam prep guide and course objectives from Microsoft's web site as study guides. I also used Mike Meyers passport series book for the 70-290 exam. Although, this book mentions it is for all levels of users, I recommend it for those like me that just need a refresher not in depth explinations.

I made sure I studied the usual server items like hardware troubleshooting, Software RAID and server monitoring tools.

I studied default share and file permissions, auditing, user rights and looked at the new tools that Microsoft added including the command line tools and effective permissions.

Another area I studied hard was Software Update Service and all functions and aspects of NTBackup.

You should also check out all of the new functions of Server 2003 including Shadow Copy Service and Automated Service Recovery. You don't need to study installation at all.

I didn't think the exam was hard but the questions could be tricky so read the questions carefully. Every question has a lot of information some of it important to the question, most of it is not. If you are certified on NT or 2K, you should be able to take this test by just learning the new items and refreshing the rest. Good Luck



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    gregcordle wrote:
    Another area I studied hard was Software Update Service and all functions and aspects of NTBackup.

    NTBackup is probably one of the most prevalent things on the entire test... I had more questions about Disaster Recovery than anything else. Thankfully I did really well in that area. :)
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