Microsoft Vs xxxxxx - latest news (May 07)

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Hi, all,

Just wanted to share this will all of you:

"Microsoft has reached a settlement with ****, the world’s largest braindump distributor, to immediately cease illegal use of Microsoft Certification exam content. ....Braindump companies provide a “shortcut” to IT certifications by helping people with limited product knowledge and expertise pass IT exams. Ultimately, this devalues the achievements of the many individuals who legitimately passed exams thanks to in-depth study and hands-on technology experience. ....Under the terms of this settlement, **** has agreed to immediately cease marketing, selling, distributing, publishing, reproducing, disseminating, offering or otherwise knowingly transferring in any way any actual Microsoft Certification Exams content. " - trika (MS)

This spells good news for us that work hard for the certs & qual's.



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    AWESOME, I hope your right.

    Jumped over to their site (at least I think I did) and looks like they are still selling microsoft products. Hope Im wrong though!

    nothing pisses me off than bad ethics/morals... icon_twisted.gif
    **** ARE FOR CHUMPS! Don't be a chump! Validate your material with search engine

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    link please
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    Cessation wrote:
    link please

    Here you go :)

    Link from MS communications person Trika.

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    I added a related sticky here:

    I removed some duplicates already, please keep it to this topic and that sticky.
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    just for addition,

    why there are braindumps

    IMO - i will 95% not defending a braindump and all its derivatives (the sites, products and the users) - like what has happened now - bad image for the certification programs.

    the 5% is share as : supply and demand thing :
    1. the company HR (which 75% of them knows nothing about IT certification) who wants to hire a helpdesk with higher requirements (such as MCSE, RHCE, CCNP etc) but low wages. icon_twisted.gif
    2. so the braindumps see it as opportunity to make easy money. icon_twisted.gif
    3. the people who wants to get easy certification - get easy job. icon_twisted.gif

    i feel sorry for them...

    recently - it get worst and worst. icon_cry.gif
    a certified person knows nothing about the job - get better deal, doing written exam with no surveillance, etc. that makes the certification programs needs to be defend.icon_cry.gif

    many people who honestly get their certification(s), spent lots of time, efforts and money for study - frustrated by this. icon_cry.gif

    ps :
    for the recruiters out there,
    please respect the certification program and the honestly certified people icon_cry.gif

    just my opinion - no offense.

    the More I know, that is more and More I dont know.
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    There'll be 10 more ready to jump in and take their place.
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    blargoe wrote:
    There'll be 10 more ready to jump in and take their place.

    MS are planning their own service if memory serves. Kinda why they started the whole legal attack. Not that I am cynical or anything.
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