testing next friday, need some advice

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Hey all,

I've been studying for this exam since passing Net+ last month (a quick diversion before CCNA, or at least I had hoped) and am having a bit of trouble. I've read both the sybex and MS Press books once over, and am currently going through the CD's from Testout. Now, I've also had the fortunance of having gotten the Transcenders test software funded by my previous company (they bought me the codes a few months ago, and let me use them even after they let me go) and have been taking the test every saturday to guage where to go for review. I'm scoring in the low 80's BUT the big thing seems to be that every time I take one, my topics for review keep changing. Now I'd like to think I know some material well enough that I wouldn't have them pop up at any point in my transcenders reviews, but there seems to be no discernable pattern. Maybe I'm just brain farting on some subjects when I do them or something. My question is, do you think it would be prudent to push my sit date back until I get some consistency in scoring?
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    Definately. I really think you've already got your answer. When you start consistantly making grades as high as in the 90's across the board, you will probably be ready for your exam. The main thing to do is not rush it and take it too soon.
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    I think your using the trancenders wrong though. You should go through the books throughly, use the test questions at the end of each chapter when your finished studying to gauge how well you know the information - does it stick in your head, then use the transcenders a week or two before the test. If you score well past the passing score then take the test, if not you might pass with a tight margin (a pass is a pass) or you might fail.

    If you keep using the trancenders all the time you'll get to know the answers to the questions, that's why your review keeps changing in my opinion. You should only take a practice test once, at most twice. I'd say put the exam back a few weeks, do a review of the chapter questions in the book, review what's not clear then a final transender and then the exam.

    Good luck with the test :D
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    Thanks for the advice folks. I subscribe to your mode of thinking regarding the transcenders Darby. It was the method suggested by a good friend of mind who's passed a few tests himself. I think I've narrowed down my dilemma to being a bit to quick to pull the trigger on some questions. I made a mental note when I did my weekly transcender guage to spend at least a minute on each question whether it required it or not. I actually caught a good number of questions that I had to read over twice or three times to really wrap my head around what it was really asking. This weeks session resulted with an 89%. I'm hoping the topics for review will be more accurate this time around. I'll let you know how I do again with next saturday's review test. I also have a new mantra I repeat for a minute before I take a review test: Slow and steady wins the race.
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