Certification Integrity and the NDA Webcast

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I don't like to copy and quote entire entries from another site but since it's for a good cause:
Trika wrote:
You all know better than I do that cheaters, braindumps, and accidental-cheaters can do damage to the reputation of your hard-earned passing score or certification. Given the number of questions about related topics:
  • how can i tell if a test-prep site is legitimate?
  • why are betas not offered in <fill in the blank> country?
  • does Microsoft ever actually do anything about cheaters?
  • what can I tell my friend about the exam i took? does it really matter?
  • what exactly am I agreeing to when i ok the exam non-disclosure agreement (NDA)?
  • what's up with ****?
...and the helpful nudging i got from a few members of our esteemed community, we will be having a Live Meeting to talk about what's happening now on this topic (there is a lot happening...), let you know how you can get involved, and hear your concerns and suggestions. The presenters will be
  • Rob Linsky from the certification team,
  • Shon Hong who works on anti-piracy for Microsoft Learning,
  • Robert Williams of CertGuard,
  • Mitch Garvis of lots-of-different-things,
  • and Michael Alligood, who originally brought up the many questions about our NDA that got this whole ball rolling.
    I think it will be a good discussion. Let me know if you have any related questions in advance.
Protecting the integrity of Microsoft Certification (worldwide)
From http://blogs.msdn.com/trika/archive/2007/05/10/this-just-in-somewhat-recently-braindump-settlement.aspx

Whether your currently preparing for Microsoft exams or not I suggest signing up regardless.
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