I passed 70-270 on Thursday

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I passed the 70-290 and 70-291 exams recently so my preparation only consisted of reading the 70-270 Exam Cram book.

I made an 820. I made higher scores on 70-290 and 70-291 but I didn't prepare for this one nearly as thoroughly as those two others. I just wanted to "git er done" as Larry the Cable guy would say.

The 70-270 test that I had seemed far goofier than the 290 or 291. Microsoft exams can often be a bit goofy and 270 was certainly goofy. I felt so uncomfortable taking it. It seemed like I wasn't satisfied with most of the options I got so I just had to choose the best one. It seemed a bit unstraightforward. That may have been due to relatively quick and dirty preparation but I think there was a high level of intrinsic goofiness on the 70-270 exam. I hate having to choose the least bad answer. I want a good answer. Oh well, it worked out in the end. Enough grumbling.

The exam alerts in the exam cram book were pretty useful. There were several items where I was glad I'd made sure I knew the exam alerts. One criticism of the exam cram book is that it didn't deal with Internet Explorer configuration and security much if at all. There were at least a few questions about that. Bone up on IE.

Good luck to you.


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