So Long Help Desk Hello, Network Tech/Admin

I have been offered, and I accepted a job for a Network Tech/Admin paying 48K a year. I am very excited about the position. Here is a description of the job.
Role will support the operation of the in-house computer network. This includes installing, configuring, maintaining, and optimizing all network hardware, software, and communication links while ensuring minimal network downtime. Qualified candidate must be motivated self starter with an outgoing personality and strong communication skills. Candidate will also provide part-time support for Windows XP based computers.

SKILLS: Must have extensive knowledge of Windows Server OS, Exchange 2003, SAN Architecture, IP networking, Backup Exec and VPN tunneling. 2 – 4 years experience required.

This is what I have been waiting for. A real oppurtunity to get my hands dirty. I thank the years at help desk for enabling me to exhibit hard work and dedication to IT. Although a lot of people crap on the help desk, it really helped me get my feet wet. This is a great start for me at a great company.

Thanks also to tech exams. The knowledge here is great.


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    Congrats remyforbes777! icon_thumright.gif
    Of course, you must celebrate by bringing in the obligatory "virtual donuts" to all us TE members tomorrow morning. :)
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    Congrats remy! go have some fun
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    Congratulations! icon_thumright.gif

    I vote for virtual bagles.... and a virtual pizza lunch tomorrow. pizza.gif
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    Thanks guys. I appreciate your responses.
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    Sounds like an awesome job. Congratulations!
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    congrats on your promotion!
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    That's great news! Congrats!
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    yay for no more help desk nonsense!
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    congrats well done
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    congrats! i love to hear about help desk folks working hard and getting promoted
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    Congrats and I wish you all the luck in the world.
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  • Aquabat [banned]Aquabat [banned] Posts: 299Inactive Imported Users
    Yes! icon_thumright.gif All of that hard-word paid off!
    i herd u leik mudkips lol
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    Wow, congrats, its nice to see your years oh helpdesk paid off !
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    nice man. I hope to find success like this once I finish out my MCSE & CCNA
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  • binarysoulbinarysoul Posts: 993Member
    I also moved from helpdesk to Network Admin about a month ago! It's a great change!

    Yes, finally banging our heads at the helpdesk paid off :)

    Congratulations! Did I spell this right? :)
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    congrats man - i envy you so much (in a good way HONESTLY!) haha

    i hope to do the same one day.

    do you have any advice on what you did and how you made it there? any specific certs, additional learning etc?

    thanks man and good luck with the job - you'll love it.
  • remyforbes777remyforbes777 Posts: 499Member
    I know this is very very late, but I thought I would answer it now that i have seen some of these postings for the first time.
    I obtained my A+, Network + and Linux+ certs. I have a lab set up at my house. Win2K3 server, Linux server as my file and web server, and xp machine. I just added another Linux and a Dell running my ESX server. I am using my Linux box as an NFS server to host my vmware machines. I have three currently running. Another win2k3 server, an XP machine and CentOS. I am also studying for my CCNA. I have a 2950 switch, (2) 2500 series router and a 3600 series route. I am constantly reading and trying to study. Just experiment and be passionate about what you do. Stay humble and leech as much information as possible.
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