Question for 801

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Got a question, I'm new and would like to know where the Technotes that you accumulate and put together are? I would like to read them and start working on 607-801. I just took and failed the 607 exam on the 11th and found the questions to be really tricky although I felt like i knew the info inside and out before I went in.

Also, besides the Sim being slowwww. which frustrated the heck out of me and took up time, one of my Sims did not appear to function correctly as crazy as that may sound.

The Sim told me to set up a router yadayadayada, but once I started the router sim, I put in enable to start the configuration and it asked me for a password. The question told me to set up a password, I couldn't get past that part so I didn't get to set up the router, oh was i frustrated..the rest of it was down hill after that. I had the nerve to have 100% in certain areas, but not enough to pass, but then I digress, sorry! icon_evil.gif
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