ZigZag in a Corp Enviroment.

jasoninazjasoninaz Member Posts: 27 ■□□□□□□□□□
I've not posted here for a while. I've been busy. So the last 2 years I have had three different jobs all with the same company and I believe I have found the secret with making more money.

Never stay in a position for longer than 3 years. I was on the helpdesk as a technical lead for 5 years and I should have left sooner. Take jobs that offer new experience. I'm running a datacenter right now, I've been here for a year now and its time to move on. This job is running me I'm not running the job. So starting last year to come to the postion they gave me a 5K raise. During review they gave me another 1K for just doing my job.
I've posted out and now I'm joining the firmware team, the kicker is that its second shift. 6pm to 2 am. But I get to go to school during the say and see my daughter off to daycare. Joining this team gave me 20% raise.

Here is the real kicker, I'm back to school for my physician assistant degree. I'm done with tech, its been fun but in the next 10 years healthcare is going to be booming.

Anyone else ZigZag?



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    elover_jmelover_jm Member Posts: 349

    Well i hope that sudden change of career after ten works out fine for you.
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    Gabe7055Gabe7055 Member Posts: 158
    Good luck to you and yes I agree the only way to really make big money in the IT field is to hop around but there is more to life than money. If I could get into a job where I could focus on Messaging full-time, I think I would be so happy I wouldn't think about jumping ship inless I just had too.
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    garv221garv221 Member Posts: 1,914
    I understand what you are saying. My future plans call for two things, completely out of IT or a business owner of an IT based company with no real technical responsibilities. I like IT but I like being my own boss more. I cannot do 9-5, more to life than work I don't enjoy doing.
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