Failed with 676

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Awe man, failed the 70-293 today! So disappointed! I studied the Microsoft Book, the CBTNuggets, the Sybex book and exam cram2.

Does anyone recommend any more resources?

I thought the questions in the exam were so longwinded and the simulations were very general and werent as technical as I expected.

Any Suggestions?


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    Sorry that you were very close, though!

    Personally, I'd recommend you look over your score sheet and concentrate on topics you missed (I realize it is somewhat generic). If you remember anything from the exam, review those topics as well.

    Have you tried Transcender's? They are very good for these MS exams.

    Stick with it, and you'll knock this one out on your retake :)
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    I just passed that recently. I used all the materials you used plus the Syngress book. The Syngress book was actually more informative then the MS Press and the Sybex book.
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    the questions in the exam were so longwinded

    That is why I hate taking MS exams.
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    Hey all,.
    I just passed the 70-293 with a grand score of 850!

    YAY, it was freaken hard and really didnt contain much information that was in the Microsoft book.

    After failing it initally, i bought and read the Syngress book which was soooo much better and despite what some ppl say, it was a really easy read if youve already read sybex and microsoft 70-293's.

    know your cluster commands and also how to recover from a quorum loss as that will help you in the exam and at work......but it definately wont help you pick up at your local...."hey gorgeous, has anyone ever told you, you look like a majority node set cluster?" sure it would work.!!!!

    Only one left then MCSE babay!
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    Congrats! I definitely agree that the Syngress book is much better than the MSPress book for 70-293.
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    Congrats, i'm looking forward to say the same icon_eek.gif
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