Good practice exam recommendation?

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hi friends:
I am getting myself ready on more studying to slay the beast. It was my big mistakes that I would've underestimated the beast. icon_redface.gif
My friend who just completed the MCSA 2003 told me that I should've used multiple practice exam resources for 291 because only single practice exam is not sufficient to slay the beast at all and will give you false sense for readiness. He recommeded transcender, which helped him alot for the test last time.
What do you guys think about transcender? Any others recommendations as well? I need to get myself stronger for the test.
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    I like using transcender it has been a little harder than past exams, but i am unsure about the 291
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    I used the selftest practice exam, and I found it to be pretty close to the real thing. Maybe a little bit harder. I would recommend it. I havent used transcender... but many people here say that its better and harder.

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    I used the MS Press, and it was a lot harder than the real test.
    Focus on hands on pratices, set up a few Virtual server to train and you will do fine.

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    I didn't use Transcender that much for this particular exam, but when I've used it in the past, I have found it to be a good tool and also a bit harder than the actual exam. I normally recommend MeasureUp when people ask, as I have found that to be one of if not the best when it comes to practice tests. Plus, if memory serves, I think they offer a test pass guarantee as well.
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