New Requirements for CISSP.



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    Hmmmm.. As I saw mixed opinions on the endorsement process for CISSP, I had posted on this forum. Some of the folks mentioned that with 'System Administrator' profile, ISC can endorse you for an 'Associate level' not necessarily CISSP.

    Bottom line is that you need 5 years of experience. If you have a Bachelor degree is 4 years. If you hold any Certification such as Security+ or CCNP they will wave 1 year off.

    You need to be able to prove to them that you have worked at least with 2 domains throughout those 5 years.
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    Is there any eligiblity thread we could all concise our questions to?
    We can bandy-about opinions about eligibility requirements all day and night, but only the (ISC)2 has the offcial word on what goes and what doesn't.
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