CCNP Academies....where are they?

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I've found a few but most of them only offer BSCN.

I did a search on but most of those places don't offer the full 4 course curriculum.

Seems like the Cisco Academies have hard time enrolling students after the CCNA.
This comes from knowing about Cisco Academies since 2000, when I was a CCNA academy student at a local community college.

Most of the academies I run across, besides high school students, are offered at community colleges. Many of the instructors have hard time with the curriculum it seems.

Is there somewhere for US citizens to enroll in online CCNP Academy?

If you have info on this you saved me hundreds of $$$!!

Thanks! :)



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    i pmed you but trident tech. in charleston, SC offers a CCNP academy. it looks like its usually hard to get into because of the lack of people interested, but i'm still going to shoot for it. if i can get into the first class i should be able to get the last 3. Unfortunately, afaik the only way to get into it is to take the 4 ccna classes. :)
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    My CCNP 1 class is at a community college in Seattle.
    There are only three of us in the class. I was surprised, because if it was that low, normally they would have cancelled it.
    I guess they really wanted to collect the $900 per student.
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