Follow up letter best pratices??

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So I had a interview for a great job last friday. I was told they had to interview a few more people on Tuesday and they wanted to make a decision by the end of the week (it's now thursday night).

I sent a thank you letter for the interview on Saturday but din't hear a reply. Should I send a follow up letter? Is it too soon or just let it go? I really would like to have the job and thought I did well on the interview but I figured I would have heard something by now. Is it conisdered bad taste to ask the person why you didn't get the job?

Any help would be appericated.



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    Just give the person a call and ask them what is going on. It is just fine to ask for status of things.

    Everyone always asks these questions... But the best advice is to think in their shoes. Would you want an interviewe calling you every hour... No... But would you want them calling every 2-3 days for a quick status update. Sure, if you are the only one calling then it shows that you really are interested as the other guys are just looking for some place to work. You show you are interested in THAT job. And if you think in their shoes, you can understand that.

    Some interviewers don't like calls... You can't please everyone. Remember that too.
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    Gabe7055Gabe7055 Member Posts: 158
    Just an update on this, I did get the job. I am very exicited and I think it will be great experience as they want me to learn SQL 2005 which is something I been wanting to do for a while. The company seems like a real relaxed place to work and they have a good budget and recommend and usually even pay for cert training.

    I am just so glad to not have to work where I currently work anymore. I am actually taking a small pay cut (better benefits though) with this new job but to me it was worth it as money is not everything and I was pretty much miserable every day.

    Thanks for the help guys I owe you all a starbucks.
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