certification path? what to do?

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alright ppl.

just wanted your thoughts really. as you can see from my profile am doing a degree / the MS cert path. i havent got my mcsa bcos av been studying for my degree but am gona crack on with the 291 in the summer sometime. do you think after i get my mcsa i should continue with the MCSE track or do you think i should go for an ccna?

the only thing with the ccna will be i will have to put alot more work in over a longer period - which i dont know if i can do with my degree anaul - or persue that cert in a few years after my degree? i am more stronger with MS stuff because i have easier access to it and work with it at work but i wud lv the cisco side aswell. im following the academy at uni but because of the way uni is structured i cant fully commit to the ccna like i would have to, to hit that pass mark.

i have to be honest i have no in depth network experiance bar the stuff i have done at the academy. i am fine when it comes to the practice side but the theory stuff blows my mind at times especially how in depth it goes.

any thoughts please?
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    I would personally go for one of the specializations when you finish your MCSA. Either MCSA:Messaging or MCSA:Security, I think thats whats i'm goin to do when i finish my MCSA.
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    It really all depends on what you want to do....Networking or Windows Administration...maybe both

    I understand what you mean with the degree being time consuming..it def is

    Although you've completed other exams while taking class so I think its definatley do able

    just pick up a cisco book for the ccna and begin to read, see how quickley you pick the material up and go from there.

    It comes down to basically what you want to do as a career....
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    How much longer do you have in school? If you have a couple of years, I would wait until closer to graduation because the CCNA has to be renewed every 3 years.

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    thanks for all the replies.

    i have another 3 years at uni!
    at the min i would like to get into both networking and windows admin/engineering. it will be easier to get into the windows stuff at the moment and that is where my natural progession is at this time because of where i work. but i dont want to be a one trick pony and just another windows boy!
    i originally thought it would be better to finish my degree whislt progressing towards the mcse then maybe after ive finished my degree go for the ccna if it suits me. at the minute i dont think having the ccna will benefit me because i have no network experiance but it would be good to know whats going on and how to configure the kit either way as around my area in the uk it is hard to get a networking job without the expeiance because there quite well payed.

    any thoughts?
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