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Anyone has any tips before i go in and take that actual test?


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    Review the objectives and make sure you understand the topics being covered.

    What experience and materials have you used to prepare up until this point? Hopefully, just a light review is all you need at this point.

    Probably wouldn't hurt to review the requirements for installing and upgrading the various OS's. Refresh yourself on the procedures for adding devices, drivers, updates, etc..
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    study from exam cram2 and Mike Myer Passport and u should be fine, because those are the two i used for the OS exam. Don't concentrate too much on the path like how to navigate through certain files and folders, just know the exact location where that files or folder is located at. Example, where is disk fragmentation? It is In system tool. Do concentrate on customer service side of Hardware, a lot of questions for me on that. But this is the test i got, yours might be different but use the two resources and you should be fine. Good luck.....

  • geniusbloodlinegeniusbloodline Member Posts: 8 ■□□□□□□□□□
    Thanks for the information. But yeah. I'm using the Exam Cram and Course Tech OS book. I wanted some tech notes from here but, there was very few notes. They was helpful though.
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