ACL problem

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I've bought the win 2003 training kit and i tested my skills with the simulation exam.

One of the question makes me nervous .

this is the question number ID 1 in readiness review suite.

The question is long but the problem is short so , i will just tell y about the problem.

A domain local group called AdCampaing has been granted Modify permission on a Folder called Printmaterials folder. The printMaterial folder has 3 subfolders : final, review and progress.

In the explanation , they states that the modify permission does not include "the delete Subfolders and Files permissions" so , no Adcampaign members can delete files from the final,review and progress subfolders.

However, when i create these folders and permissions. The Adcampain members who has been granted modify permissions are able to delete subfolders and files.

Can Someone help me ?


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