Passed ITIL Foundations - Service Management

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I passed with 33/40

I have to say I think this is the most straight forward cert I've done. Alot of it is common sense and although some areas do open your eyes and your think ahhhhh that's a good idea, most of this is common sense..........that someone has written down on paper to be taught!

I guess the Practitioner & Manager's cert is alot more difficult but overall was enjoyable course and the exam although it threw me with the way a few of the questions were worded, I managed to get 33.

I had to wait a week for the results to be posted out to me as we done the exam in house with an invidulator, but it can also be done at a Prometric centre.

Ah well another one down, that'll be 4 certs in my first year of studying them after the CCDA in July, so keep them coming :D


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    Congrats, good job. I am looking into taking this exam in the near future, I am looking to take the Foundation exam. What book do you recommend??
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    Congrats! I'm suprised that the ITIL has not caught on so much in the United States as it has in other countries. My company uses many forms of the Microsoft Soutions Framework (MSF) as well as the ITIL. I take the MSF exam (70-301) next week or the week after but my company is not requiring me to take ITIL, which I might still do eventually.
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    It is as you say a very good theory and I did learn and enjoy. But it can also be full of management speak and get very dreary.

    THE book you want is

    With this you cant fail ( but I dont offer exam insurance for less than a $1000 :D )
    Remember I.T. means In Theory ( it should works )
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    Not sure what book to use as all my training material was provided by the trainer on day 1. They made the slides/notes up themselves so take the suggestion of book that has been mentioned.

    Yeah it is alot of management speak and I found there to be alot of acronyms that were difficult to remember. I have to admit that although enjoyable overall there were a few times I found myself day dreaming and not paying attention and I was kinda glad when we finished the exam and I knew I had a bit of an ITIL break lol

    Good cert to have though I guess icon_cool.gif
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    Our whole IT department went through a half-day ITIL training session last Friday. This one involved incident management scenarios and improving the process. Much better than the boot camp approach.

    The instructor said that it has taken about 10 years for ITIL to catch on in the U.S. It seems to be growing now. At least, our managers have become excited about it.

    Looking at some of the course materials, and it seems that what we got was the "Awareness" portion of this particular vendor's training package and the next step is to start the foundations for certificate training. If we continue with this, I hope they continue with this same guy.
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    Same here - next week we're actually having a three day train and test seminar going on. We just switched over to a new reporting/tracking tool and are moving towards a ITIL model. So lectures on Wednesday and Thursday - test on Friday :D
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    Good luck!
    "It doesn't matter, it's in the past!"--Rafiki
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    this is the approach we had. An external consultant came into our work ran a 3 day training course with the 3rd day just revising/doing past papers and sat the exam in the afternoon with an external invidulator monitoring us for the exam.

    Apparently ITIL or the "best practice framework" has been around since the early - mid 90's but only really properly taken off in the last 5 years where companies are implementing it.

    My work have only implemented incident, problem and change management so far but we have an 18 month implementation plan.
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    Congratulations. Well Done. Hope you get new heights of success after achieving this milestone.
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    dudes, do you know that was from 2007
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