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Hello, I am fairly new to this forum. Anyhow, I took the two A+ exams yesterday and I was freaking out at first because the exam codes for them were 220-231 and 220-232 when I sat down on the testing computer. I was studying for the 200-221 and 222 all this time and when you see a different code number, you are bound to freak out like me.. Hehe, anyway, I found out they were just the same material except in linear form (80 questions, 90 minutes).

There were many questions on Printers, IRQ and addresses. Lucky for me, I had the IRQ's and addresses memorized before the exam.

The OS questions were just basic trouble shooting questions with a fair amount of FAT16.FAT32,NTFS questions. Basic idea: FAT16 - 2 gigabytes max, NTFS - Windows 2000 & NT & XP.

I scored 900 on both exams. Network+ here I come!

The technotes were really helpful as well.


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