70-270 vs 70-271/272 help

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Hey guys,

I'm working on taking my first MCP test but am getting lost in all the clutter. Currently I'm a contracter doing mostly helpdesk and PC Tech work. I'm looking to expand my knowlage base and to have something to put on the old resume. Right now I have the 70-271 MCDST MSPress book.

From what I have been reading online and via the MSPress book most of whats actually on the test and even in the test questions supplied by the Readiness Review Suite cd provided with the MS book isn't actually in my book. Causing me some concern, I'm looking for a book that will have the necessary inforamation to help me pass the test but also have a good layout to actually teach me this stuff rather than teaching me how to just beat a test.

Also from friends and co-workers I have heard mixed reviews about the easiness of the 271 and 272 MCDST vs the 270 MCP test. Which would be better for a first time test taker and which would be more viable in the field.

Just trying to cover all the bases before getting to wrapped up in this. Any help and suggestions would be great.


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