hardest aspect of the CCNP...poll?

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Hello all!

I found the "What is the hardest topic to study for CCNA?" thread to be very helpful with my CCNA studies. Could we start a similar poll or something for CCNP? I would start it...but I just began my CCNP studies, so I still would not be too certain as what to poll exactly.

What do you guys think?


PS I searched and did not find anything on the site with a similar thread, sorry if I missed it...><
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  • NightShade1NightShade1 Posts: 431Member
    I guess for me is multicasting.
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    Writ memorization of routing protocol statistics, theory, and configuration.
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  • mwgoodmwgood Posts: 293Member
    Most challenging exam: BSCI

    I suppose the most challenging areas for me were...


    & good 'ol

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    IS-IS is very confusing.
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  • SlowhandSlowhand MCSE: Cloud Platform and Infrastructure, MCSA: Windows Server 2003/2012/2016, CCNA Routing & Switchi Bay Area, CaliforniaPosts: 5,163Mod Mod
    I imagine that the hardest part of the CCNP would be. . . the tests.

    (Actually, this is a very interesting thread, and I'm looking forward to the Cisco heavy-hitters to weigh in with their opinions.)

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  • EdTheLadEdTheLad Posts: 2,112Member ■■■■□□□□□□
    Hardest part of CCNP, this is just a list of topics i can remember required more work than others.

    1) Remembering the differences between ospf and isis
    2) Learning IPv6 as it requires alot of memorizing
    3) Reflexive access-lists
    4) Trying to understand how STP,RSTP and MST interwork together
    5) Working out how Eigrp really works i.e. Dual
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  • Paul BozPaul Boz Posts: 2,621Member ■■■■■■■■□□
    NetworkGod wrote:
    IS-IS is very confusing.

    I'm having a much better time with IS-IS than I am with OSPF. It's not that either are hard, but OSPF requires a ton more memorization and configuration knowledge. IS-IS seems a lot more logical, minus the funky addressing system.
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  • CucumberCucumber Posts: 192Member
    So far its Multicast.

    Eigrp can get a bit tricky too, but not as hard as Multicast.

    And for what I have read, QoS is a huge one.
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  • wildfirewildfire Posts: 654Member
    Hardest exam for me was the BSCN (BSCI)

    Specific Pesky Topics

    RSTP (the books and cisco documents on this suck!)
    and Multicasting! (I still struggle with this now)
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  • teezeeteezee Posts: 9Inactive Imported Users ■□□□□□□□□□
    You know for once i was thinking it was only me that had that kinda probs, finding some topics confusing and all that, but thank God do i have broda in the club with me.... i guess i could say that if you will. Really there's alot and just like y'all mentioned here, believe me they are... but from time to time i get to go back ma Nuggets to get them cleard up again. And hey does anyone also forgets things that commonly you should know by heart (i mean simple topics)? Well if no one does i do :D lol. But anyway i guess that's life for me...

    Really CCNP is tougher now to the old CCNP i used to know. Men! are you talking about he ISCW putting all those VPN bits and pieces ONT with it's QOS troubles and markings of packet( Ip precedence and DSCP) i mean there are turns and thousands of things to really deal with. But you know what holds true for me? Over time i get use to them... so i guess i will work out for you too! just take them easy! :wink
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