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Passed with a 786. I feel that the test was too easy and wish I knew exactly which ones I missed.
I was forced by the Air Force to take it, so i just studied practice exams. I found most of the questions to be almost identical to the Transcender exams. But I would also suggest reading up on Wikipedia and Tech Notes. Wikipedia doesn't have a comprehensive Security+ section, but if you find something in a practice exam that doesn't seem clear I almost guarantee that you'll find it on wikipedia. Wikipedia tends to be better than any of the texts out there.


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    Wow, you're probably the first person I heard of who only used practice exams to pass. Do you feel like you have a good understanding of the material that you will be able to retain?

    What kind of background did you have going into the exam?

    Oh yeah, almost forgot, congrats! icon_cool.gif
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    Nice Job!
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    I had very little real world experience going into the exam. I am an airman who just got out of tech school and they gave us roughly around 4 months to prep for the exam. They started us with some very lame and unhelpful cbts that did little but waste are time "yawwwwn" :) I have had some university experience in classroom environments were lectures were practically worthless and learning to pull off an A. I just applied those skills to this certification. Now when I go to work we talk about stuff like asymetric keys, TACACS, etc. and I am amazed at how little my bosses know so little about them icon_wink.gif . They have been working in infrastructure for years and they know there jobs inside and out.
    But this new requirement is changing how we think of security and can be good and bad. Good in the fact that we are thinking more about the logical part of our network and therefore applying that knowledge to change our network physically and logically. The bad thing is that we are not all able to do that in the Air Force at my particular level. And tell you the truth Security+ doesn't qualify me anyway. It is more like a introduction to that kind of thinking. I take back the bad and make it a good icon_twisted.gif
    The Air Force is trying to imitate the real world again like it has done several times before. My leadership can't think up anything better so they throw away there money on a good idea. Another good example was when they tried to pay everyone the same as real world. Great idea, but hair brained and not enough money from congress. After all we work just as hard as civilians, if not harder for a tenth of the pay check. I can't wait until the next idea. (I'm hoping they'll imitate google and have fresh sushi in the chow hall!) *crossing fingers*
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