When looking for a job..... is the internet used too much?

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How much value is placed on the internet to bring in the results? I use the internet about 95% of the time when it comes to looking a job but I don't see great results at all....

As much as I know that face to face contact and actually putting a resume in someone's hand or on their desk is better.... gas prices are so high that I cannot afford to pay $50 bucks everytime to fill up my tank so I depend on the stay at home and use the internet method of finding work.

I'm going to pick up a book called "What color is your parachute" today and try to read thru the whole book by the end of the week, my friend told me not to depend on the internet for results with a job but here in South Florida, roads are very long and the majority of the jobs are East of I-95, while many of us live West out by I-75.

I know the book will be a good read and I'm hoping that after I get the book I will see much better results.

I just wanted some feedback on the value of the internet in related to looking for work... do you think many people depend too much on the net or should people use it more often?

Of course experience counts as well, someone with alot of experience has a leg up on Monster.com as opposed to someone with none....


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    mrhaun03mrhaun03 Member Posts: 359
    I'm currently in a position right now, so I don't do too much looking. But, I'm constantly receiving calls from recruiters and companies saying they found my resume online. I think the internet is used quite often.

    Emailing a resume can save that 50 bucks on gas, but I think you need to follow up. (BTW, i pay almost $80 to fill up my tank...F150, it's a monster) Maybe it got lost in their junk email. More and more people are using the internet for job searching, but imo, I think it's easier for things such as resume to get lost.

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    TechJunkyTechJunky Member Posts: 881
    Internet is bigger than it ever has been. I have spoken with many companies in town and they actually prefer internet for the application process.

    The state has actually just converted over to the internet for their hiring process. Paper is a thing of the past.

    I would suggest using careerbuilder.com and monster.com.

    That's how I obtained my current position.
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    GrymGrym Member Posts: 31 ■■□□□□□□□□
    Last two positions for me were found using the internet. Granted both are international companies, but even local companies are using the internet more and more.
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    jasonbochejasonboche Member Posts: 167
    Well let's see. Just out of curiosity last week in the Sunday paper I looked to see what technology jobs were available. Pickins were pretty slim. For the jobs that were out there, they were pretty much crap jobs for school systems who were paying less than McDonald's part time (good luck finding any talent like that, although it's good for people seeking that critical experience piece which all future/decent jobs seem to want as long as you're willing to make minimum wage while getting your experience. For employers this is bad - high turnover of people "learning" on your IT infrastructure. "Learning" can lead to many interesting things).

    On the other hand, my email inbox practically overflows with jobs from both Monster and DICE. My assumption is that many employers have moved away from traditional newspaper advertisements to the alternative internet job websites.
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    garv221garv221 Member Posts: 1,914
    Sunday paper sucks. Internet is the best place to find job listings. However nothing beats networking and stopping by offices.
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    TechJunkyTechJunky Member Posts: 881
    I would also suggest applying for federal positions.

    The resume process takes so long I would imagine that most people dont have the drive to apply online.

    It seriously took me 1.5 hours yesterday to apply for a GS-11 position and I copied/pasted most of my resume over.
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    Gabe7055Gabe7055 Member Posts: 158
    I found my past two jobs on the internet as well. Having the experince does help because hiring managers that use the internet can search against certain queries and get what they want. (MCSE for example) so if MCSE or Sercuity+ for example is not on your resume you many never show up in the results and get passed by on.

    I follow up after I been contacted but I never follow up before than, I guess I figure if they haven't called me than they are not intrested but I could have lost a lot of jobs that way. I always have had a issue with going by offices as well. Just seems to me if I was a IT manager I would be busy with all my other duties. The last thing I would want is someone trying to get thru office security everyday to give me their resume when I may or may not be hiring.

    Used to drive my last boss up the wall when ever people would come up to him and tell him about there kid, brother, husband,grand dad, aunt,or uncle that was "good with computers" and looking for a job.
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    the101sthe101s Member Posts: 13 ■□□□□□□□□□
    the internet is the way forward, how many offices could you drive to in a day, and how many of them are even going to be looking for you, on the net you could email 50 well-fitted vacancies a day if you really went for it
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