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Hi guys, I feel like I am ready to take this exam. I have been studing for over a month now but I am still a little unsure in areas like IIS and WSUS. Are there a log of questions on IIS and WSUS??? And how many questions does 290 have? 40 or 50?

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    You'll see between 40 and 50 most likely. Check out the 70-291 sticky I created, it gives some resources to learn about WSUS. Learning about WSUS will also help a tiny bit with IIS. Do you have any specific questions on either WSUS or IIS? I'm sure many people here will help you out, including myself.
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  • eltoroeltoro Member Posts: 168
    Thanks Royal. I will checkout your 291 sticky. I don't have any specific questions on WSUS it just sounds like greek to me right now. I will probably go back and reread until I understand.

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    Also, do not forget about the simulations that will be on the exam - probably around 3 to 4 of them. Make sure your "hands on" is good for areas like share permissions, etc icon_cool.gif (not sure how much I can say due to NDA, so less is more in this situation)
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    Good luck on the exam, I had 46 questions on that one.
    Best advice for wsus is to actually install the server and deploy it on 1 or 2 workstations. Questions on Wsus are not too hard, but you'd need to have a bit of experience. If you install it, synch it, approve update and deploy it to clients via gpo you should be fine. Also, it wont take you very long to test.

    Best of luck again,

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    Good luck on the exam!

    I have not taken any of the 2003 track exams but I have set up WSUS at work. Honestly, it was not difficult to set up and once you go through it and use it a bit you should be able to answer most questions they might ask.
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