good simulator for BSCI?

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obviously it would have to "run" ospf, eigrp, route summarization etc... Does this exist? (im saving up for real routers but cant currently afford them)


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    Netsim by Boson

    I currently have the Sybex router sim for CCNP. But is does not cover NAT. Netsim looks real good. Netsim looks good. I think about pruchase it. You can download a demo at
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    Although it is a bit more costly, routersim just released a new BSCI sim:
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    I have a question about this software. can you set up multiple "virtual" routers the way you want to, or are you forced to use the set up (labs) they give you? in other words, how much freedom are you given to create a lab yourself? also, how many routers can you have running together at the same time (at least 4 i would hope, because for $298, i can spend a little extra and get 3 real routers to do what i want with). im just thinking that if i spend this much, i wouldnt want to be too constrained by what i can do.
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    As you can read on the page below, you can add an unlimited amount of routers and switches. It also includes 'fixed' labs.
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    wow, im impressed. unless someone can give me a reason not to put my hard-earned money into this, im most likely going to order this this week sometime. anyone personally used this and have any suggestions or advice before i order? for just over $300 (the price of the simulator) i could buy three routers, but it almost looks to me like the simulator would actually give me more options and configuration possibilities than 3 real routers could...
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    An advantage of a real network devices is the availability of all commands.

    You can buy three routers for $300 but it won't be the same equipment as in the sim, for $100 a piece a Cisco 25xx is usually the only option...

    In case you may be wondering, I'm not affiliated in any way with routersim. I'm just impressed with their product, and I 'only' used a much older version for the CCNA exam.
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