For a home lab, any disadvantage to using dynamips for the r

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snowbash wrote:
For a home lab, any disadvantage to using dynamips for the routers?
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Dynamips seems to be only getting better.... so other then maybe avoiding the latest emulations until others shake out the bugs, there really isn't a downside to using it. It is nice to have some real routers to try things out on if you think you've found a dynamips bugs.

I've got the home hardware lab, but I also use Dynamips and Dynagen for CCIE Lab Exam preparation. While I'm preparing for R&S I've got my Security hardware wired up with Dynamips routers (and a few more real 2500s).
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    Thanks Mike,

    I do have a mixture of of 2600/3640's though Dynamips will be a lot more cost
    effective for larger CCIE labs, plus I assume one has the ability to build a lot of
    different scenarions and then simply load them in.

    Will check it out after tomorrow after I clear BCMSN

    No one has built/wip a Switch emanulator?
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    As I understand it, switches have a more extensive (and complex) amount of chip hardware... it'd be nice -- we could all have labs that cost around $2000 (for a couple of PCs with a couple gig of memory each :)).
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