"Wire Speed" Switching???

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What is "Wire Speed" switching???
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    Ricka182Ricka182 Member Posts: 3,359
    Wire speed is whatever rate of data transfer a given telecommunication technology provides at the physical wire level. Wire-speed, an adjective, describes any hardware box or function that tends to support this data transfer rate without slowing it down. It's common to refer to functions embedded in microchips rather than in software programming as working at wire speed. Switches,, routers, and other devices are sometimes described by their manufacturers as operating at wire speed. Data encryption and decryption and hardware emulation are software functions that might run at wire speed (or close to it) when embedded in a microchip.
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    On the exam, the answer is "cut-through" which only reads the destination mac before forwarding it.
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    Sometimes on exams you just gotter look at all the options and have an understanding of what its asking and illiminate possibilities even tho it isnt 100% clear what they are asking or their might be a better answer out there. Like you probably had option 1. Cut through 2. Store and Forwards 3. Adaptive cut Through etc So out of all the options you would select Cut through becuase it is the fastest method becuase it only read like the first 8 bytes from memory as oposed to the others which either recieve the whole packet or the first 64bytes etc but cut through is like the first 8 bytes from memory
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