Weird sound...

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This is quite weird.

I was on my computer earlier, listening to music. I'm running a 7.1 surround sound setup. Soundblaster X-Fi Fatality soundcard.

Around about 5 each night I usually do some studying for an hour. I put in my CBT Nuggets CD and selected the video I wanted to watch, when the guy started talking, the sound was REALLY crappy. It sounded distorted and muffled. It basically sounded 8-bit.

I tried uninstalling the sound card, re-installing the drivers and firmware. Still does the same thing. I can't quite work out what's wrong. I researched the internet, still nothing.

I also have some other copies of CBT Nuggets, including the MSCE series, 70-290 and 291. I tried them both and they did the same thing.

Actually, thinking about this... could be a audio codec with the player. I'll try that.
Maybe I just answered my own question?
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