Passed Yesterday

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Happy as Larry.

Just passed the exam. Did not think I was ready for it but all came good in the end. Thought I had failed and did not even bother to review the answers I marked for review as I thought I ha failed. Passed with 799. Well Chuffed.

1 thing I did notice there are alot of simulations in the test I had. Alot of working with active directory and shares and group permissions. I would say make sure you know you way arround AD fully before taking the exam. Also Backups came up alot and the best practices for use of backup types and restoring from backups.
WARNING the sims are hard. Well I thought so. Make sure you go through each section religiously I noticed some settings that are not fully stated in the question that need to be done aswell to allow thje settings it asks you to set to work. Lots on permissions.

Well that is about all I can say really. Good Luck to anyone else taking the exam.


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