Thinking of taking the A+ core exam soon

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I am thinking of taking the A+ core exam soon. I can build pcs in my sleep and yes I have done so. Is it still worth it to take this core exam? I do have a 2 year AA degree in Network Support. I am also thinking about starting to work outside the USA in Japan or china would it still help me out there?


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    The A+ is the first cert that any IT professional should obtain IMO.

    It shows that you know core computer skills. A very good start for any IT professional. I hate to say this, but an AA degree is not looked at with much respect in the IT world. 4 year degrees and certs rule the IT industry, and work experience trumps ALL. Start with your A+ then find out what you want to specialize in.

    Most computer certs, including CompTia's are respected internationally.

    Hope I could help :)
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  • gsm12gsm12 Member Posts: 2 ■□□□□□□□□□
    great the market must have changed again when I was in school and no one told me. Did i just waste 2.5 years. I dont think I have the paitence to do a 4 year degree after just getting done with me 2 year one. This would probbley exlain alot because I am having a hard time getting interviews.
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    Comptia A+ gives you a good solid foundation in building & understanding the basic principles of the PC. IMHO Certs are better than Degree's because they are more upto date and in the changing world of IT this is the best resource for getting a foot through the door.

    Degree's are reconised throughout the world and show that the individual has the apptitude to learn a subject.

    A+ is a good starting point leading onto various stepping stones such as Network+ or MCDST.

    Good Luck! :Dicon_cool.gif
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