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I was curious what you think someone making around 60k salary should have as far as experience, education and certifications.

I have checked salary.com and the other sites and I know this is roughly right around what I am worth from their job descriptions. However, I want to know from fellow technicians what you would expect so I can maybe dig my head out of my ass if I am being unreasonable.

I feel I currently am worth this much to my company due to my other non computer certifications and experience as well as my current experience/certifications. However, I feel the company I work for now I will be hitting a wall due to the fact that everything was a mess when I first came on and now after a year of fixing/upgrading, their databases and network now runs smoothly and would probobly work fine without me now.

I am a Systems Administrator with 7 years of computer experience and the certifications listed in my signature as well as being a certified residential electrician and 4,000 hours of commercial electrician experience.

I started out as a Internet Tech Technician for 1 year, Moved to Internet Tech II Technician for 2 years, Moved up to a Network Analyst, stayed there for a year. Decided I wasnt getting the experience I needed so I joined my fathers computer contracting company doing VPNS and Domain Installations and maintanance as well as exchange server installations for 2 years and then I landed my current job as a Systems Administrator and I have been here for a year. I also managed to do OJT for my residential/commercial electricians license for the IBEW as well.


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    It depends on what part of the country? (big city?)

    And the type of company/firm -- how many employees, locations, profit vs. nonprofit, etc

    Lots of considerations...
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    TechJunkyTechJunky Member Posts: 881

    Small Company, less than 10 employees. Though we are small we do A LOT of business. 5Million + a year.

    My boss/owner of the company has already stated to me that I am the most valuable employee here and some people here have been here 12+ years. I am just trying to get some insight. Should I stay here another year, 2 years before looking somewhere else? Or should I start looking somewhere else?

    I have been offered 60k by other companies, the problem is that I love everything about this job. I just wish I made more money. I just received a dollar raise at my 1 year mark. But even at 1 dollar a year raise its going to take forever to get where I want.
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    If you are making 60K IT job, then you are OK. The only exception is if you are living in D.C area.
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