270 down, MCSA UP!

cashewcashew Member Posts: 122
I don't know why I chose the client exam to take last for my MCSA. I'm actually glad that I did, becuase after taking most of the core network exams, this test was a joke. Got a 936. Plus using XP as a client OS in our domain doesn't hurt either. Studied for two weeks, mainly brushing up on things and working with sysprep and RIS.

58 questions and 120 minutes with 60 minutes to spare. This was the first blanaced MS test for me. Normally I feel I get questions mainly from a few objectives, then a few here and there from the others. This time I feel it was quite evenly distributed. Transcenders and and exam cram2 is all it took. On to the AD forums for 294 then 297 for MCSE!


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