Finally have the time to study

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Here's the deal: I've been wanting to study for this test for awhile now, finally getting the time (just got fired, but got another job lined up, as soon as the clearance comes through).

I got The Inside Scoop to Security+, 2nd Ed. and the Exam Cram book. Anything else I need??? I just found this place, looks nice. How much has the test changed since say 2004???

Thanks in advance,
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    I just found this place

    And this place despises cheaters such as yourself.
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    Yeah braindumps are bad. Not a real good way to make friends around here, even though it sounds like your study habits are mostly honest. If you have the necessary study materials, you won't need brain **** "to plug holes". It is not uncommon for an exam to require multiple sources of study. Rarely does one book or study source "cover it all".

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    Understood... but is frustrating... Spend money on books and such... I remember going for Network+, none of my books had anything on the 5-4-3 rule... Still had to research it. Believe me, my memory isn't good enough to use just straight braindumps. I have to LEARN it like everyone else. I just look at them like extra practice questions. Only difference is you have to verify/research them.

    It's interesting, the port number practice test here: The ports for ESP/IPSec, TFTP, NNTP, Kerberos, and ICQ/Yahoo weren't in my books, sigh... Oh well, learn something new everyday.

    If you folks have good stuff, hey, I'm all ears/eyes. I'll take whatever ideas I can get.

    Thanks in advance,
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