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Thought this would be fun thread to post a pic of your desk at work if you have one to hand:


I have since tidyed up my desk and moved the 10's of console cables, cable ties and keepies into my drawers :p I now have my huge book collection on my desk, my colleagues keep trying to pinch them so i might enforce a library ticket system!

Anyway, post away!
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  • jasonbochejasonboche Senior Member Member Posts: 167
    Cameras are forbidden in our office. Information Security policy. Sorry.


    ps. If it helps any, here's my office desk at home a while back. My room is radically bare now since we're in the long process of moving.

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    I wish you had posted this last week. My boss actually sent me an Outlook task to clean my desk it had gotten so bad. If I remember I'll try to snap a shot tomorrow.
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    how can you guys work with such cluttered desks? grr.. i'll post a camphone pic of my home desk in a while.
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    I'll have to bring a camera to work tomorrow, I recently tidied it up a bit.
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