I need help for my system!

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I have a problem after installing windows XP in a PIII systems with a 512 RAM. After all installations during the process of accessing files. The screen is either displaying a plain blue screen of a hash color screen with line dividing the screen. What can I do. I have change the system RAM, Hard Disk and also change the power source of the the processor fan cable. My processor fine and power pack is working effectively.

Please Help me out!
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  • WanBoy67WanBoy67 Senior Member Member Posts: 225
    byommite wrote:
    After all installations during the process of accessing files.

    You mean when it is detecting hardware or after that, when it is going in to Windows for the first time? If it's the first then I'd have to say faulty hardware, if it's latter then I'd have to say drivers. Are you at a point where you can enter F8 & Safe Mode?

    Different graphics card? Maybe a different CD/DVD-Rom or Floppy drive?

    Seems to be hardware problem - when in doubt, disconnect everything unnecessary to bare-minimum operation.
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    Did the OS install correctly? Does the CD look like its in good shape? How far does it get into boot or past boot? If you have incorrect BIOS settings it can cause problems too on boot.
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    It sound like Windows is set to a screen resolution that your monitor or graphics adapter can't support. Boot into Safe Mode (hit F8 at startup) and see if Windows comes up and works in 640x480 screen resolution. If so, you'll need install the driver for your graphics adapter, use a higher resolution monitor, or both.
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    Doesnt sound like he has installed Windose yet, sounds like problems during setup. You know the,

    "windows is accessing files that are required to complete setup"

    Have you tested another video card or monitor?
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