Any of you take 2 MS exams in one day?



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    Wow. That's pretty wicked. Congratulations!

    What kind experience (or spare time) do you have to have in order to crank these out like that?

    I have a few questions about the beta exams.

    Do you have to pay for them?

    Do you get credit if you pass?

    Do you learn your score immediately or do you have to wait?

    Also, what do you think of Forefront? That seems interesting.
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    Really for me it is mostly experiance, so in turn time too i supose.

    Experiance, I have been workign with MS prodcuts since Nt3.51 and beta of windows 95....presently I am a network Architect for a small consulting company.

    I really only studies for 292, 296 beifly, quite a bit for 236 exchange config. too may commands to remember. I al studied well for the 121 and 123 software Lic and SAM.

    Beta's are on invite only or check the mcp blog that Trika writes most of the anoucements are on there I found recently.

    there is no cost for them you don't get your score right away they mail it to you about 8 weeks later and there is twice as many questions on the exam. Yes you do get credit of the official exam if you pass the beta.

    sign up for one and see what it's like they give you good exposure to the material
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    Well I just got a very interesting e-mail.

    I was just invited to the microsoft Campus in Redmond to review some of the 2008 exams. sounds like it will be a nice trip.

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    I tried taking 3 in one shot and passed one of them. I think given enough preparation and study it is possible to do more than one at a time, but I don't recommend it. 1 test per sitting is enough to turn most brains to mush no matter how smart or well prepared you are.
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    If I believed in a god I'd be thanking him/her right now. This extension is very useful.
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    wpj wrote:
    today Jan 10th,

    70-443 - Design Database Server Infrastructure - PASS
    70-443 - Optimizing and Maintaining Database Administration - PASS
    71-625 - Vista:HomeTheater Tech - Beta
    71-646 - PRO: Windows Server 2008: Server Administrator - Beta
    71-647 - PRO: Windows Server 2008: Enterprise Administrator - Beta


    well make thats a pass for 71-646 and 71-647.......

    that warps those ones up....
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    wpj.....i have one word for you.....GENIUS

    personally, I am an experienced system admin guy but by taking an exam sometimes takes me 4 months to study considering my everyday job as sys ad. 1 exam every 3 to 4 months is ok with me...BTW, I don't need to rush on things, cause I need to understand/absorbed the subject matter...

    Anyway, maybe this is just me...congrats wpj
  • wpjwpj Member Posts: 19 ■□□□□□□□□□

    hey thanks but please i'm not close ..... just a good country boy that moved to the city to play with big toys.

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