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Hi All

I'm about to sit the 601 exam soon and just wanted to get some advice / tips from people that have passed as to what areas they believe to concentrate on. (i.e what did you get a lot of questions on? What do you wish you'd read up more on etc...) (I know the test are somewhat random, but I'm still interested)

I've been studying it for about a year now (on and off) watched the A+ 2005 series of CBT Nuggets videos and read various parts of various A+ books.

Also anyone have any good sources for info on the Customer Service Focus that's been added? I've done a few practice tests and some seem to be following some HR / Management methodology & ask confusing questions bombarded with "keywords" (Leadership, Communicate, Effective etc...) getting you to rank them via priority or choose the most important for a situation etc... Rather than your general everyday common sense Customer Service type of questions.


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    Welcome to the site!

    Best thing to start with is a copy of the objectives. Due to the nondisclosure we all sign after the exam discussing what is on the exam specifically isn't permitted. It is fair to say if its on the objectives....it could be on YOUR exam.

    As far as Customer Service...best thing is real experience. This isn't something I've ever seen written out with any substance...experience is the best teacher on this subject, period. You could read some business management/team leadership type books, but aside from what the texts like Meyers or Sybex cover...I don't have a direct link to any 1 site or book.
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