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Good day All,
I just joined today although I've been frequenting this site for months. I would like to say that it's great what you guys are doing with all the advice and tech notes you give every day. I started pursuing an IT career last year when I found this site and it really gave the extra boost I needed to get off my butt and try to make the dream a reality. I started school in March to get A+, NET+, MCP, and MCSA certified. I hope after that I'll find an employer that will pay for the MCSE class eventually since I don't want to have too much debt. I've been at my current job for 12 years now but it's a dead end. I'm 37 and don't want to have a life of dead end jobs. I got interested in puters about 4 years ago by having a friend that got me started in online gaming and I've been addicted ever since. With working 48 hrs. a week and going to school three nights a week and studying the rest of my free time there hasn't been much gaming the past three months but that's ok. I've built some puters for friends and family members and they all worked. That's another thing that got me thinking I should do this for a living. I passed my A+ exams on 5-11, scored 780 on both of them. That was a happy day. We have two weeks left in NET+ classes so I'll be taking that exam next month. The school I go to gives us free Transcender vouchers, ( I'm sure that's part of the tuition so maybe they're not free ), which are good to use to make sure you have the knowledge to pass a test. I wouldn't use them as a study guide. Just thought I would say hello. That's all for now,
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    Welcome on board and good luck with your exams!
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    Welcome to Techexams (& to the world of studying for IT) :)

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    Welcome to the site and thanks for sharing. Good luck with your studies and IT career.
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    Welcome to the site! Good luck on your Certification Track!
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    Welcome to the forum :).
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    Welcome mate.
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    What kind of classes are you taking for your certs? Between trial software, virtual machines, used books on amazon/ebay (I prefer - $50/month for all the ebooks I can read from MS, Cisco, O'Reilly, etc.), you can get by pretty cheap and still get decent hands-on experience.

    If you like the classroom environment or the schedule (so you don't procrastinate), by all means, stick with it. Just don't feel like you need to **** thousands into classroom training in order to obtain these certs.

    I personally prefer to struggle through it. It may take a little longer, but the suffering and frustration really makes it sink it =) Plus, any questions you have will be answered here within hours. I'd put money into CBT Nuggets over classroom sessions, but that's how I prefer to learn.

    I'm not criticizing you in any way -- I just wanted to bring up some other options if you weren't aware of them (I hadn't even heard of virtual machines a year ago, now I can't even imagine doing this without them).

    Welcome and good luck.
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    I know it's expensive to take classes at a University but that's the only way I'm capable of learning. I just can't read a book and grasp it. The instructor we had for the first quarter (A+ & Net+ classes) has been replaced because people were failing the exams and were complaining he wasn't focused on teaching. I passed the A+ with no problem, had a little trouble with the Net+ but still passed it last week. We started our second quarter this week which will teach the 70-270, 290, 291, and 293. Our new instructor is the top instructor at the University and after just one day everyone can tell we will learn a lot more from this guy. The University I attend does allow people to come back and attend classes again at no charge. Well, it's time to study, Cya
    Every day I'm above ground is a good day.
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    Welcome aboard. One of the sites I have to frequent for my company is in Harlan. There is a lot of blue and white pride at that site :)
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