School GPA???

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How often, in your interviews, have the interviewer asked about your GPA? My college GPA was not as high as it should(too much partying and changing majors). I want to avoid it completely but I'm sure it's going to be asked.

BTW, I have an interview in an hour. HAHAHA. :D


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    It was never asked in any of the 4-5 interviews ive had.
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    I've only been concerned with the GPA listed on a resume when the candidate is asking a very high-end salary for the position, or we are needing additional factors to consider when hiring only one person from a group of several qualified candidates. GPA also makes a real big difference when you come from a premium school for your major, or the hiring company is looking for intellectually hard-working employees.
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    Man...disappointed. GPA was the second question they asked. The first question was, "How are you doing today?"

    I had to tell them, but I certainly made it up with the rest of the interview. I told them about my work experience now and how it relates to the job I applied for. I also told them about the Cisco Academy and how I am constantly moving forward with my education.

    Overall, I'm happy with the results. We talked about salaries at the end and the interviewer said that my request is more than reasonable.

    The position is called a Systems Implementation Consultant. It is a Tier-II support with direct communication with an end-user on the Business Automation software. Basically guiding them to use the software to its fullest potential while solving any issues in between. I think I submitted a post earlier but I don't remember.
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    That's weird, I've never been asked for my GPA, or the class of my degree, etc. It just goes to show that different employers ask/want/question different things.

    Anyway, glad that your happy with the results and I hope that things go well :)

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    heh.... i hope mine does.. i've got a 3.5 and i'm on the deans list :-p
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    Many years work experience and I have never been asked about my GPA. However since I graduated Summa Cum Laude I make sure that I put that in my resume.

    I guess that this is the reason that I am never asked.
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    So I have a second interview today to talk with the hiring manager. I kinda made a mistake on yesterday's interview about what my salary expectations are. I went way below what I should be expecting. Hopefully I can do better today.

    Tampa, here I come!
  • blargoeblargoe Self-Described Huguenot NC, USAPosts: 4,171Member ■■■■■■■■■□
    I've never been asked except for the "college hire" type of programs that I have interviewed for in the past when I was still in school.
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    I've been through quite a few interviews and only once did they ever ask. Just be honest and confident no matter what it is. If its not so good, make sure you've got some good follow-up info.
  • milliampmilliamp Posts: 135Member
    If they are going to bring you into a high paying job right out of school I could see why they would ask your GPA.
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    I had to submit my transcript for my first job programming/software engineer out of college. It was a job for entry-level programmers who are coming right out of college paying 60K+, and the minimum GPA was 3.0.

    I have not been asked my GPA for any of the support/networking/systems type jobs I've interviewed. They simply stated the obvious that I had a bachelor's degree and then moved on.
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    Ahhhhhh the GPA. The large pink elephant in the middle of the room that everyone tries to ignore. Well, maybe not everyone. At least I ignore it! :)
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