Remote Task Manager by any chance???

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Hi Guys,

Just like to say AGAIN thanks for all your help. This is easily the best online community i have been a part of. Everyone is always very helpful!

O.K now that i have sucked up enough :D I will tell you a little problem i am having. This is by no means a major issue, just something i was looking at delaing with better than i currently am.

At the moment we are running 4 terminal servers in a farm which are balancing around 130 users. Our servers are fairly powerful but at the moment there is just to many users on them and as a result we are getting a lot of crashed applications using up our processor. We have monitoring software telling us when CPU usage is over 90% for longer than a minute. This alarm is becoming more frequent and it requires us to log into the crashed server, run the task manager and then kill the process using up the CPU.

Like i said this is not a major issue, but more of a total nuisance! We have toyed with the idea of having something that would kill a process which uses the more than %60 of the CPU for a long period of time, but we have some applications that are process heavy and the last thing we want is to kill of an application that is still functioning even if very sluggishly.

Ideally what i would love is an application that can bring up the task manager for each sever in 1 window. So if i ever get threshold alerts i would have this applicaition running, then i would simply maximise and kill the process.

This might seem very lazy on my behalf, but our IT team is getting fairly fed up with constantly having to log into the servers to kill a process. We are currently looking at getting more servers but still think this would be an awesome application.

So any ideas from anybody? Does anyone know if such an application exists, or perhaps something that could help us with our problem?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in adavnce.


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    Have you considered using the tasklist and tskill commands. If you know which process or processes that are going to be killed/ended then you could create batch files for each server to kill/end the process. Save them to your desktop and just double-click your batch files until your little task killing heart is content.

    Tasklist command can be used to view local and remote machines processes

    tskill can be used to kill/end processes on local and remote machines.

    just open your cmd and type tasklist /? and tskill /? to get the parameters you think you need.
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    Download the pstools from Microsoft:

    They have 2 utilities that you can use, pslist and pskill. The first one, pslist, will list all the processes running on a remote computer. Using that information, you then use pskill to kill the process using the CPU. It's a command line interface, but works great.
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    You might also give Windows PowerShell a try. It take PsTools one step farther by integrating a bunch of command line programs into their own shell. I'm using it to remotely manage instances of Windows running in VMWare and it work fine. There's a lot of stuff in PowerShell to learn, and it's included as a standard tool in Windows Server 2008, so it may eventually end up on the MCTS cert exams.
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