Is studying the MS Resource Kit necessary?

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Hey there. First off, a big thank you to everyone who works on and contributes to this site. It helped me prepare and pass 70-291 a few weeks ago. Hopefully I can add some value as well.

I found this topic brought up a year ago but decided to ask about it again in a slightly different manner. I have the MS Press Training Kit series, which I wholeheartedly recommend. However, when working through the Readiness questions, I've found a number of questions that touch on specific files and methods not mentioned in the texts themselves. In fact, the answers and explanations point to sections in the MS course (2272?) curriculum and/or the MS Resource Kit.

My questions are - Did you use the MS Resource Kit to prepare for the 70-270 exam? If so, do you believe there were questions on the exam which related to the additional material you found in the MS Resource Kit?

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    Hi, welcome on board,

    I prefer the MS Training Kits for MS exams but they are indeed not complete, just like any other certification guide. So you should always use multiple resources. The information in the Resource Kit can be very helpful for the exam, but studying the entire thing would be overkill. It's more something to use a resource for a more detailed explanation of settings and processes. The best way to prepare is to simply use the features covered in the exam objectives / training kit. All the answers to the exam questions are in Windows XP, not in a particular book. icon_wink.gif
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    I reach through the entire book, did all the pactice tests...and now I'm going over the CD. This isn't enough? icon_sad.gif

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