Thank you everyone, especially webmaster!!

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Hi everyone!

let me introduce myself first, my name is Allan. i don't usually like to post topic, but i just want to thank you everyone in this great forum. This forum helps a lot for my study. I just passed my CCNA 640-801 today with score 910 after one month hardcore self-studying. I almost leave my browser open with this Forum everyday (24/7) since i don't shut my computer off. A lot of great information/explanation which cover almost the whole CCNA exam. Technote and techlap is my favorite spot for reviews. It would be nice to have command lists of each section which will be helpful for the test as well as the experience. such as, show spanning-tree, show mac-address-table, show cdp neighbors. those are very nice and useful command as most of the study don't mention too much. After all, you guys are all great, and i didn't waste my whole month studying. Now i can go back for my job hunting. Thanks again. Peace out :D


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    Great Job man! I hope I'm walkin in your shoes here in a month or so! icon_cool.gif
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    Congratulations! icon_thumright.gif
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    Congrats! And thanks for the words about the forums/TechNotes/TechLabs :)
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    Congrats! You should post more and share the newfound knowledge you have with members who aren't quite there yet :)
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    Paul Boz wrote:
    Congrats! You should post more and share the newfound knowledge you have with members who aren't quite there yet :)

    newfound knowledge. there is alot of them since i don't deal with Cisco equipments. Since i dont have money to spend on any equipments, therefore i only use Boson simulator. However, i've been working as a system admin for the past 5 years, so i can pretty much picture the devices as well as cabling (in a hard way). I didnt do alot of reading, because i have Learnkey video which helps alot for me, since i am the kind of people who could fall in sleep within 2 pages of reading. All i did was just watching the video, take notes, highlight all the key points. then google search what i dont understand from the video, and thats how i found this page as well. Dont stuck with one source. There are many different explanations which might make you alot easier to understand the concept. For example, i always have problem understand or clarify the different between Transport layer and the Network layer of OSI model. A book might give you very detail information, but it doesnt mean that you will be able to understand it. Sometimes i found its easier to understand from a non-professional. try more different simulation, expert on using show command. show command is your bestfriend for troubleshooting. ACL isn't too hard, but assigning to the right interface is the tough one i think. i hope it helps for others whos going to take the exam soon. forgive me for the bad english, it is my 2nd language.
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