Rocked Server+, Barely!

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Well, after a little over a month preparing, I sat Server+ today!

I'll cut to the chase, I passed with a 679/900 (615 minimum) which is about a 75%. I passed A+ with a 95%, Net+ with a 85%, and Security+ with about a 90%, so this was pretty bad.

Everyone led me to believe Server+ was an easy test, not so much for me. Lemme explain why...

My main resource was the Server+ Certification Bible, which was written for SK0-001, the old test. It didn't cover all the new tech.

My backup was a lot of free web tests which didn't do too well. I had to get the Examforce package for it, and after burning through its 200 questions I felt a little better.

Oh, and my limited experience directly with servers (about a months worth over the last year) made the whole 18-24 months experience deal kinda sting.

So yeah, for any looking at this test, get the computer help, get a SK0-002 (2005 update) book, and have some real world experience.

Oh, and my company was pretty pumped when they heard I passed (a reaction better than Net+ or Security+) because of two reasons:

1) Server+ is an apparent requirement for some HP tests they need to get onboard in the company
2) Server+ is a rarely taken test, so when it is explicity listed as a requirement for a job, we had to pass on accepting it. Now we can take the call, even if I personally never even hear of the job.

So, anywho, totally recommend this test. Just don't decide to start studying a month before you take it, using old materials, and have more experience than just theory and some stuff you've tried in your own lab. It'll make taking the test be less... stressful! icon_eek.gif


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    At least you passed. icon_thumright.gif A pass it what you're looking for!

    I worked with Dell and Compaq servers before sitting this. Just by opening these machines up you'll see all sorts of weird and wonderful things like Xeon CPUs, PCI-X slots and redundant power supplies and HDDs, etc. which you don't see as mainstream on desktops. This helps you get a sense of why datacentres just don't use an ordinary PC as a server.

    The Server+ does focus on these bits of hardware but a lot is still knowledge of disaster recovery and backup strategies too.
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    you passed and thats whats important, congrats!!!!!!!!
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    Good job!
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