Passed the 70-270

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I passed with a 731 today. I don't feel too bad about the low score for several reasons.

1. This was my first Microsoft exam, I really was not 100% sure what to expect.

2. The test was laggy all through the exam, and at one point lagged two minutes. These interruptions throw me off my game. Each time I went to the proctor to say WTF, I felt my stress level rising.

3. I was very over-confident and sat for this exam with less than 10 hours study time. I expected to blow through it like a CompTIA exam and I was sadly mistaken. I finished with 15 minutes to spare.

Some observations that I will communicate to confirm what I have seen others say about this exam in this forum.

1. I did have 1 duplicated question

2. The questions are long and drawn out, but I think the reason for this is that is Microsoft's way to provide a distraction and make you actually think. Very few questions did I have which had obvious incorrect choices. Many of the choices were only different at the switch point of the CLI syntax. One question which I initially saw as a second duplicate was a crafty lightly re-worded version of a question that I had earlier in the exam. I was almost clicking without thinking and then caught the subtle differences.

My test had many questions involving profiles, GPO and permissions both share, file, and effective. No interactive questions (like drag and drop), but many of the networking related questions had exhibits (of extremely poor quality) that illustrated networks. I had one wireless question, and a few about scenarios with people serving websites via IIS on their Windows XP workstation.

I tested through Prometric simply because they currently have a 40% off for first time MS test takers promotion going on right now. The test cost me $75 rather than the standard MS buck and a quarter. The place I tested is a center for both Vue and Prometric and the proctor did suggest off the record for a better quality MS test (much less lag) experience next time book through Vue.

One final observation, I was seated at a workstation with a 17" monitor for the test. Almost each question had scrollbar love. A 19" LCD would have been more appropriate, as I would not have had to scroll each question to the bottom (annoying MS requirement if your going to skip a question and mark it for review).

To study, I used the technotes from this site. Thanks for having them available Johann.


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