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okay this'll drive me nuts if I dont get an answer so what better place to ask then here right? :p

I am working on an assigned EIGRP lab thats a "try first, then check the log files" to verify its set up correctly.

Its 2 2501 routers connected thru s0, 2900 series switch connected to each router thru their respective e0 interfaces...pretty simplistic setup.

The directions in the enclosed lab state the following:

Use the network
Do not use subnet zero
Use the first available subnet for the Router_R1 Ethernet network
Issue the first available IP address in the subnet to the Router_R1 Ethernet interface
Issue the second available subnet for the network connecting the routers
Issue the first avail IP address in the subnet to the Router_R1 serial interface and the second available to the Router_R2 serial interface
Use the third available subnet for the Router_R2 Ethernet network
Issue the first available IP address in the subnet to the Router_R2 Ethernet interface
Enable EIGRP as the routing protocol
Use AS 10 for all networks

Anyway, seems simple enough. subnet mask. Not using subnet zero, first available network is Router_R1 I configured serial 0 to an IP address of
E0 with an IP address of
Router_R2 s0

router eigrp 10

now, the show ip route comparison matches up well...but the log file from the school lab answer guide mentions things about the serial0 on Router_R1 having an IP address of and advertising networks of and for eigrp. This has to be some kind of mistake I am thinking unless my understanding of EIGRP is completely off kilter.

I dunno if the wording on my question is completely out of whack, and if nothing else ignoring the last paragraph...just based on the description of what I listed is my understanding of EIGRP off?


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