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Well, after 2 months of preparing, I'm scheduled to take the A+ Core this coming Monday. I've read and studied the Sybex text book, collected hundreds of pages of notes from various web sites, (lots of good ones from this site!!), taken all the available practice tests I could find, and lately have been working from the Measure Up practice tests, which came with the study materials I received from Career Academy.

Did anyone else use the Measure Up tests, and if so, how adequately or inadequately do you think they cover real test material? In the last week, I'm scoring 98% on their practice tests but I don't think their 226 question bank is nearly enough questions. After two or three times of taking the various modes of the tests (study, certification, etc.), you are bound to have the answers memorized, or at least that is what is happening with me. I think this might be leading me to a false sense of security.

Any thoughts?


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    depends on how long you have been using those questions. 226 sounds like an ample amount, but, with all tests, you will get familiar with the questions and your pass score won't necessarily be a true indication of your knowledge.

    examdrill.com were offering free copies of their core exams, check it out and see how well you score with them. there are plenty of sites with practice tests in our link section, have you tired them?

    96% is an excellent score on a practice test, and, depending on your familiarity with the questions, probably does mean that you are likely to pass the actual exam.
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    dihendihen Member Posts: 11 ■□□□□□□□□□
    Thanks for the reply.

    Yes, I have downloaded and taken the Exam Drill test as well as the A+ Shredder. And I think I have been through the links for the practice tests on this site but I'm going to go over them again. Thanks for the reminder!

    If I can say one thing about the Measure Up tests, it's that they don't have all the standard basic questions, like IRQ's and I/O's, that you see on most free practice tests. More so, you have to troubleshoot an issue and pick the best resolution. In those terms, I think they've added to my knowledge base since they go beyond the normal memorization aspect of the test.

    Well, I'll be back to report how I do on the test. For now, it's back to studying and more studying :D
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