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Well i finally picked up the microsoft press self paced training kit for 70-290 and now i have a question here... during the first install attempt, i got some weird driver error (BSOD) and had to restart. the next time i installed, i started getting errors about files not being found. ICFGNT.DLL i guess did not install. Anyway, when i finally to server 2003 i am not able to do windows updates... and it seems like IE will not run (unless i go to my computer and type a url in....) whats up with that? before i go much further should i do a reinstall? Also, when i tried to do remote assistance, (with msn messenger - had a client running xp request assistance) for some reason on the server side it kept telling me i needed to upgrade to the latest version of msn messenger (but i am running the lastest off their web site).. should i do a reinstall before i go much further?

But so far i do like server 2003 more than i expected, but i know i've barely scratched the surface.
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    I've seen those kinds of problems when I have either bad hardware or a bad install CD.
    Very hard to pin down unless you have another CD you can try.
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    actually i have my 6 evaluation cd i downloaded from microsoft that i can use. maybe i'll try that.

    i hope its not bad hardware - but i won't be at a huge loss unless for some reason no other equipment will fit in this case or something... it was a $60 computer :-p. the the case probably could have been sold for $60...
    Fantastic. The project manager is inspired.

    In Progress: 70-640, 70-685
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