how many question are on the CCNP composite exam

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just curios
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    I haven't heard of anyone taking the new one.... and if they did take it and pass, they might not want to risk the wrath of the Cisco NDA. Cisco never really tells you the exact number of questions you'll get until you sit down to take the exam.

    Hum... and the Cisco Website doesn't even give a hint about the possible range like they do for the other exams. And they don't even have the hint for the individual exams. Based on the times -- I'll guess the composite exam (120 minutes) could have only 2/3 the number of questions the 2 individual exams (90 minutes each) would have. icon_lol.gif

    I think the Composite is still broken up in two sections -- and you have to pass both sections to get the pass for the exam (and the credit for both BCMSN & BSCI).
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