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I was wondering if someone can help me. Im curious as to how much different Citrix Metafram XP is than Presentation server 4?

I know there is changes, but, i have a book and a little bit of stuff on Citrix xp and i figured that i would browse through until i can afford some stuff on presentation server 4.

Any thoughts



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    Are you looking at learning the product or preparing for an exam? If it is exam prep, ditch the old material. They are very similar, but there have been enough improvements to cause a lot of confusion if you use the old material. Also when 3.0 is introduced, the license management was changed and the Access Suite concept was introduced.

    The best prep material for Citrix exams is free. Go to the Citrix support site,, and download the admin guide. At around 400 pages, that will keep you busy for a while.

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    XP, PS3, and PS4 are all familiar looking, but there is enough subtle differences to make you fail the exam if you're studying for the wrong version.

    A few of the key features that were introduced after MFXP:
    -Universal Print Driver (UPD) (introduced in XPFR3 or PS3 I forget, completely rewritten in PS4)
    -Application Isolation Environment (AIE)
    -Access Suite (as someone else mentioned)
    -Nfuse transformed into Web Interface which is somewhat different but a major player now in Presentation Server
    -Virtual IP addresses
    -Session Reliability
    -Memory/CPU Utilization Management and Optimization
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    Hi again,

    Sorry, Im not writing the exam, Im just wanting to learn Citrix more and thought i would start with Metaframe XP.

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    If you are working with Citrix, study whatever version your company has deployed.

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